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From the desk of the Chairman and Managing Director

Dear Friends,

Hearty welcome to Goodness Media Family!


We are here to offer you the life-enhancing God experience presented by the Goodness Media through Satellite Television Channel, Goodness Internet Radio, YouTube Channels, and through other Social Medias. 

You are most precious and valuable for us. You are the reason we are here! Therefore, the Goodness Media Team strives to ensure that we spread before you and your dear ones a spiritual banquet that will enhance the very quality of your life, your marriage and your family bond.  Every program is designed to ensure you get an experience of divine love filling your heart, empowering you to reach out to your neighbours with goodness and love… And the world will be a brighter place as we spread the joy of sharing. 
Open the doors of your home to the light of hope and joy everyday as you tune into Goodness TV, the Devotional Family Channel with God’s own Signature.  This is the television channel that will help you to stay with God and radiate His love. As you watch our programs you will find a new purpose and energy for life. Your relationships will grow in goodness. 

Goodness Internet Radio is a new endeavour of Goodness Media Family, launched in 2022. A revised Goodness Mobile App is also available in Play store and i-store. This Mobile App serves you for easy access of Goodness Internet Radio and Goodness TV programs according to the time zone of India, Europe and Unites States of America. The Goodness TV programs have also been livestreamed through YouTube channel, Facebook and this Website.
Sit back, relax and relish every presentation on Goodness TV and Goodness Internet Radio... because you deserve the goodness of life. 

Dr. Fr. Alex Chalangady VC, MCA, MBA, MPhil (CS), PhD
Whole-time Director
Goodness Media Private Limited

About Us
Goodness Television is a Devotional Family Channel with God’s own Signature…

Goodness Television Channel is dedicated to conveying the Message of Life to its viewers. Our mission is to enrich families with life-giving values of love and goodness. Programs are directed to binding the family in prayer, equipping parents to understand and guide the children and establishing a new generation on the firm foundation of a commitment to truth. Goodness TV ushers the entire family to the celebration of love, joy and life.

Goodness Television is committed to empower the family, the basic unit of society, in order to build humanity in accordance with the vision of the Almighty. This experience will open hearts to serve the marginalized in society and will raise minds to the ultimate aspiration of excellence in every dimension of life.

On Goodness Television, 24 hours of programs in English and Malayalam are carefully prepared to answer the cry of a world swamped in meaningless and defeating pursuits. We present what will accomplish a transformation of the heart. Until now media had been held responsible for the demoralization of society, the disorientation of minds and the distraction from life itself. But with the Goodness TV, we have a channel that communicates truth and love to the family, gives new energy and focus to the youth and a new vision of peace and unity to the world. 



A voice of hope for those in despair...
A beacon of light guiding those in confusion...
A rhythm of joy breaking through the monotonous emptiness of life...
A message of life for those walking through the valley of the shadow of death…

Our Vision

The Good News that the Gospel imparts is that God is our loving Father and we are His loved children. As the children of God, we are brothers and sisters and must love one another. Goodness Media Private Limited launched the Goodness Television Channel to promote these Life-giving values in society today with the aid of visual media and social communication, with its motto "Good News or All ....... Goodness to All."

With the launching of the Goodness Television, this message of Faith, Hope and Love are reaching every home across the Globe, uniting families in prayer in their living rooms, bringing light to those going through dark hours of despair and speaking the World of Healing to those who are sick.

Our Mission

Goodness TV upholds the basic precept of love of God and love of human beings. It considers in high esteem the saying in the Bible: "For whoever doesnot love their brother and sister whom they have seen, can not love God whom they have not seen" (1John 4:20). We are convinced therefore that the healing of the wounds of division lies in fraternal communion. When a person loves his or her neighbour, healing will take place, and reconciliation follows. The love of God is the driving force for this transformation. 

Our Moto

“Good News for All… Goodness to All…”

Goodness Media is an organization completely dependent on the providence of God through the generous offering of the public. We look forward to an active partnership with all generous and kind-hearted persons to continue the noble mission of spreading the Good News to everyone and raising a society where the abandoned and the least find love and hope.

Let us join our hands to build this nation on the goodness of love and fraternal communion that transcends all barriers of caste, creed and religion.

Goodness Media Private Limited

Goodness Media Private Limited is a registered company established in the year 2010 with an objective to diffuse profound and upright teachings for the promotion of philanthropic and human values. 

With this view in mind, Goodness Media Private Limited launched the Goodness Television Channel with 24 hours of programs telecast in Malayalam and English. 

The Channel is committed to uphold the values of goodness and truth. Quality and honesty will never be compromised.



The Office Address:


43/1820 B, De Service Park

Opp. Pius Xth Church

SRM Road, Pachalam

Cochin - 682 012, Kerala, India

Tel.: 0484 2406240





For any Assistance or Feedback (Helpdesk):

Mobile: +91 9778702654 


For your Prayer Request: 

WhatsApp: +91 6238240491, 

Implementation of New Regulatory Framework 2020

1. Name of the Broadcaster  : Goodness Media Private Limited

2. Name of the Channel        : Goodness TV

3. Category                           : Non News and Current Affairs

4. Genre                                : Devotional

5. Nature                               : Free to Air

6. Language                          : English & Malayalam

7. Maximum Retail Price (MRP) per month: Not Applicable

8. Composition of bouquets              : Not Applicable

9. MRP of Bouquets of channel        : Not Applicable

10. Compliance Officer: 

a. Name & Address                 : Dr. Alex Chalangady

b. E-mail id                             :

c. Contact Number                  : +919995008362


Satellite Details

1. Down linking Parameters of  the Channel.

          a. Name of the Satellite      : INTELSAT- 17   

          b. Orbital Location             : 66.00 East

          c. Downlink Polarization    : Horizontal

          d. Downlink Frequency      : 4024MHz

 2. Standard                          : DVB-S2

 3. Modulation                      : 8PSK

 4. FEC                                 : 2/3

 5. Frequency                        : C Band

 6. Symbol Rate                    : 14400 Ksps

 7. Encryption of the Channel Declaration  : FTA


Divine Vision
Sun Rise
IMS Dyana Bhavan
Latin Mass
Nanmaniranja Mariyam
Potta Convention
Kalvari Yathra
Puthupady Dyanabhavan
Tabore Retreat Centre

You can download Goodness TV Brochure and Programme schedule.


Compliance Officer
Dr. Fr. Alex Chalangady
Contact Number
E-mail Address
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